Australian Cobberdogs
Imperial Faberge



If your application is successful, you will be invoiced for a nonrefundable booking fee of $500. This tells us that we can be confident that you are committed and seals the agreement between us. This will go towards your total puppy cost. The price of a nonbreeding puppy is $3500. The price of an exclusive Merle-colored nonbreeding puppy is $5000 (Merle color is rare and we may have only 2-3 puppies in a whole litter sired only by Tie as he the only Merle stud in the whole of North America, we won't have enough merles for everyone it's why there is a price difference). Puppies leave our home between 9 and 10 weeks.

The purchase price for an Imperial Faberge Cobberdog includes the following:

  • Vet check: Before our puppies leave our home you will obtain a clean bill of health, free from worms, parasites, or any other illnesses! You will be provided a clean bill of health records at pick-up.
  • Vaccination: we do not vaccinate with traditional injectable nonsafe vaccines. We start our puppies on nosodes homeopathic vaccines at age 4 weeks Parvo/ Distemper, oral and noninvasive, twice per week and recommend this protocol till the puppy is 9 months. Of course, you can make your own choices on the vaccination of your puppy.
  • Deworming, our pups from the first salad meal receive Diatomaceous Earth as eco-friendly, naturally organic warmer gentle, and safe. We test puppies' poo for parasites at the vet to make sure they are clear.
  • Microchipped: our puppies leave for their forever homes already microchipped. Microchipping allows us to ensure that none of our puppies end up lost or in the shelter.
  • MDBA registration certificate.
  • We include a comprehensive 2 years health guarantee against life-threatening diseases not mediated by the environment. 
  • Free Health Insurance: We are proud partners of Trupanion Pet Insurance. Trupanion covers every single one of our puppies upon going home for 30 days for free (no cost to you)! You are assured that your puppy is healthy and happy but if any accidents occur upon your puppy going home with you, rest easy knowing that they are covered. There are no strings attached, although we hope you will keep your puppy insured with an insurance company of your choice for at least the first year of the puppy's life is when your puppy is most likely to get into mischief.
  • lifetime breeder support: we are always here for our puppies and our parents! We are always happy to answer any questions you might have!
  •  Well-socialized and handled: We socialize and handle our puppies right from the very beginning. Your puppy will come home ready to take on the world!
  • Purchase agreement
  • And much more!

Please understand that the cost of an Australian Cobberdog represents the quality of the dog and the optimal care taken to ensure your companion animal is of a very high standard. The cost represents the registration of the breed, and the comprehensive health testing of the parents including DNA breed profiling and coat testing, hip, elbows, and patellas radiology. Heart and eye certification.  We do not cut any corners in our care for our Cobberdogs from where we live, where they play, where they sleep, the organic raw food diet we feed them, the regular grooming, socialization, and training.