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Nosodes Homeopathic Vaccines

There is a great deal of information out there on the web these days discussing how vaccination is the cause of many unsettling & long-lasting health problems. Knowing this, we do not recommend vaccinations for our dogs as a general rule.

As a possible alternative to getting your puppy vaccinated, we endorse building natural immunity. Combined with the use of homeopathic nosodes and/or homeopathic vaccines tautodes, as a part of the natural immunity-building program for young puppies.

A nosode is actually just another type of a homeopathic remedy that is made from the existent virus such as distemper or parvovirus and then very, very, diluted. So diluted that it is just an energy signature left without any of the actual disease left.

Nosodes cannot in any way cause the virus (as some vaccinations can) but can be used to prevent viral infection. Under most circumstances, there is no need for nosodes in adult dogs as most adults have already built a strong immunity so the use of nosodes is generally limited to puppies up to 7 months of age or so. There are, however, nosodes for kennel cough and heartworm, however, which can be given to adult dogs as needed or on a regular basis in certain circumstances.

A nosode could be considered an "oral vaccine" in the sense that its purpose is to "immunize" the body to build immunity to a particular disease. The main variance between a nosode and a "conventional" vaccine is the exceptionally small (if any) quantity of physical substance in a nosode. Just know this, it is the "energy" pattern, not the actual "substance" that gets the results in a homeopathic remedy. Tautodes are homeopathic dilutions of the actual vaccine for a particular disease. These are given to a dog that must be re-vaccinated, for one reason or another. To help lessen the vaccinosis side effects.

Tautodes can be used curatively or preventively. Because of the minute dilution, they are completely safe and free of any infectious possibility.

There is a shocking uprising in dogs’ autoimmune diseases, and all kinds of allergies, as well as an alarming increase in cancer and other canine health concerns, many of these due to vaccine reactions. This is a known fact. (as well as poor diet-related issues)

Pet parents are now looking for alternatives to keep their dogs healthy while preventing disease and illness. The growing interest in nosodes comes at a time when the real protection and efficacy of vaccines are being examined.

We advocate raising your puppy in such a way as to foster building natural immunity and high vibe health.

This means a natural, raw meat/organ and bone species-appropriate diet, ample exercise and fresh air, no vaccinations, and astute use of colloidal silver and other immune boosters and natural supplements raising the vibration to a frequency where disease (and parasites) are not an issue. (However, using a natural dewormer for about 3-4 weeks can eliminate any type of parasite load the puppy might have come with to you. - You can have your vet run a fecal test to check)

Some pet parents assist their puppy in building a healthy immune system with natural exposure to certain places where vaccinated dogs often go. Such as a dog park or PetSmart, etc. to help get natural exposure to shedding viruses to help increase and build immunity. This can be done by bringing the puppy to a dog park for a minute or 2 at a time to get small amounts of exposure starting at about 12 weeks. (after starting on nosodes and building up their health for a couple of weeks or so) Eventually, you can titer to check for antibodies. Titer testing is a way of measuring antibodies for distemper and parvo, although not totally an accurate method of proving immunity.

This exposure is done along with using nosodes to protect against, parvo and distemper. Use this method of natural exposure along with two aids to make it extra safe, nosodes for parvo and distemper once per week each, and colloidal silver in their mouth or water daily so that the immune system is really on high alert, to help mitigate the possibility of disease.

Typically, a few exposures are enough to get life-long immunity. You can continue this for the third week, or the fourth. Then if you want to know for sure have your puppy titer tested.


Nosodes are totally safe, easy to give to your puppy, and can be administered to puppies much earlier than vaccines should be given. Pregnant bitches can be treated with nosodes prior to whelping, giving immunity to their babies before they are born.

The main difference between a nosode and a conventional vaccine is that there are no dangerous chemicals; additives, adjuvants, and antigens in the homeopathic nosode. Nosodes are dosed orally while core vaccines are injected into the body unnaturally. Nosodes can be used in two ways: to protect against disease. Both preventatively, and as a remedy should the animal become ill. Nosodes rebuild health through vibrational energy. They cooperate with the body’s energy patterns, resetting positive and negative forces within the energy field and assisting the dog’s body to heal and protect itself.

When a nosode is administered, the puppy’s body recognizes the cellular makeup of the disease imprint, producing an immune response similar to having real exposure to the disease itself. Although this is tough to prove scientifically, there are many instances of how nosodes have been used in the prevention of and also treating the onset of disease.