Australian Cobberdogs
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Raw Feeding

On this page, I decided to let professionals speak, who as not an Australian Cobberdog founder can tell us better how to feed these amazing dogs.

Introducing my dear mentor:

 Beverley Rutland-Manners, founder of the Australian Cobberdog.  Welcome to the birthplace of The Australian Cobberdog!  We are Cobberdog Breeders in NSW Australia,  Rutlands success comes from rigorous Health Testing, careful selection, and breeding programs that result in Rutlands Cobberdog puppies and genetics being exported throughout Australia and the world Rutlands Cobberdogs excel across the world as Therapy dogs in private homes, clinics, and in other organizations.

The spirit of Rutlands AustralianCobberdogs shines from their expressive eyes and their wavy fleece coats are fine, silky, and non-to-low shedding.  Rutlands Australian Cobberdogs have no doggy smell, even when they are wet. 

     RUTLANDS AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOGS - Beverley's Cobberdog Kitchen (